State budget

Now is the time to advocate!

Lawmakers are discussing cuts, and UC’s funding is on the line.

California is facing a $73 billion deficit, and it plays directly into discussions regarding the University’s budget. Lawmakers will make hard choices this year, but advocacy can help protect UC funding. We need your help to urge lawmakers to protect our progress.

We’re grateful that despite an extremely challenging budget environment, Gov. Newsom has proposed to defer, rather than eliminate, UC’s funding increases under the Compact, a multi-year funding agreement between the Governor and the University. We are thankful for such a rare commitment and appreciate the Governor’s partnership in our shared goals of access, affordability and student success.

As the legislature debates the budget, lawmakers need to hear from our community. UCAN makes it as easy as possible to advocate directly with your state representatives. Once you enter your name and contact information, you will be prompted with an email to your lawmakers. Feel free to make any changes to give it a personal touch.

Grassroots advocacy is a proven strategy – and it works best in numbers. Offices log every email. The more emails they receive, the greater impact UC is able to have. Your voice has the power to make a difference!

Thank you for standing up for UC and working with us to strive for a better California together.